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2-Day Summer Institute (W)Rap-Up

by the Coalition of Innovating Congregations
So what happened at the 2011 2-Day Summer Institute?  Adam Hart of Woodlands Community Temple (w)raps it up best, with some help from The Jewish Education Project’s resident scratch DJ, Arnie Samlan…
Of course, Adam's breakdown was just one highlight of the 2-Day Summer Institute.  Throughout the rest of this week, pictures, videos, quotes, and resources from the Summer Institute will be posted right here on InnovatingCongregations.org.  

Care to share your impressions?  Click here to submit a blog post: http://innovatingcongregations.weebly.com/submit-a-post.html

What were some of your take-aways from the Summer Institute?  (Extra credit for answering in rhyme!)

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