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Accomplishments and Lessons Learned

In summer 2009 the Collaboration to Sustain Innovation (CSI) initiated The Coalition of Innovating Congregations with 23 participating congregations. In over four years’ time, the Coalition has grown to include more than 50 congregations in the greater New York City area participating in four initiatives: LOMED, LOMED Chadash, Express Innovation, and Camp Connect. In that time, CSI conducted a number of evaluation studies. Data were gathered from surveys, interviews, observations, and congregational demographics.

Findings from the studies are available for download in the full report and executive summary. A few sections of the report have been made available as individual articles, listed below.

Executive Summary


17 New Models of Congregational Education
Establishment of Second-Tier Leadership Across Networked Congregations

Lessons Learned

Relationship Between New Models and Principles of 21st Century Learning
Congregations’ Abilities To Enact Whole Person Learning Models
Impact of the Initiatives’ Resources and Strategies in Congregations
Camp Connect


This report represents nearly five years of data collection, analysis, and reflection. We wish to thank our consultants Cindy Reich (the Experiment in Congregational Education) and Anna Marx (The Jewish Education Project) for their work in compiling this report as well as collecting and analyzing much of the data presented in the report. We also gratefully acknowledge Cyd Weissman, Director of Innovation in Congregational Learning at The Jewish Education Project, for her leadership, The Experiment in Congregational Education and its director, Dr. Rob Weinberg for taking the lead in coordinating the evaluation efforts for the Collaboration to Sustain Innovation, and Dr. Bill Robinson, Chief Strategy Officer of The Jewish Education Project for his guidance and insight.

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