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Creating a Culture of Welcoming – The 2-Day Summer Institute Continued

by the Coalition of Innovating Congregations

Most synagogue websites declare that they are a “warm and welcoming community.”  But what does it mean to really live that?

Ron Wolfson, keynote speaker at this year's 2-Day Summer Institute, challenged us all to change the way we look at our congregations, to move from a programmatic focus to a relational one.  A key component of this shift is the importance of greeting.  (Ron himself personally greeted every attendee of the Institute at the door as s/he came in.)  

Here’s Ron talking with a group at the Institute about why greeting matters (the discussion cuts in on a comparison to the practices of a particular mega-church led by Pastor Rick Warren):

What are some simple, actionable steps you took away from the conference that could help make your congregation more welcoming?  How can these actions be imbued with deeper meaning, or connected with the values of the congregation?

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