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Email Subject Line Practice

By Rabbi Jennifer Goldsmith

We are always striving to create purposeful, useful communication with our congregants. When we know that their email in boxes are always full, how do we get our email subject line to stand out? Take out your smartphone and choose one subject line that grabs your attention. Why did it work? Was it about something you love, from a family member or friend, did it ask for an immediate response? Maximize the number of people who open your emails by following these simple steps taken from About.com:

In your email subject, do not:

  • Arouse interest or curiosity 
  • Say “hi” 
  • Be wordy 
  • Respond without giving context
  • Be vague or general 

In your email subject, do:

  • Give the message’s bottom line 
  • Summarize the message 
  • Be precise
  • If there is an action required, say so 
  • Include date and deadline 
  • Leave out unnecessary words 

Now it is time to practice! Click below for a PDF of emails inspired by the characters in our Torah. Happy Writing!

Email Subject Line Practice (PDF)
File Size: 172 kb
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