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Engaging Others in Sharing Their Stories


Shaina Wasserman, Project Manager of Congregational Learning

Storytelling is at the core of our Jewish tradition.  It is also at the core of our work as innovators.  At LOMED Living & Learning we are focusing on building relationships and creating connections through storytelling.  

How do we encourage others to share their stories?  
How do we create a safe space?  

In addition to the valuable strategies are are exploring at Living & Learning, we want to share with you a guide for how to create social connections among parents.  Below are 3 links to a sample of how to engage parents in telling their stories. 

Please share your successes with these tools on the blog.

Guide to Engaging Connnectors
File Size: 465 kb
File Type: pdf

Download File

Sample Script for a Connecting Conversation
File Size: 543 kb
File Type: pdf

Download File

Texts for Hopes and Dreams
File Size: 411 kb
File Type: pdf

Download File

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