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Finding Your North Star


An organization's vision statement is like its North Star – the brighter world we're all working towards.  A mission statement outlines the route you plan to take, or the things you need to do, to get there.  Writing a vision and mission statement is no small task, but getting your entire team on board with its message can both deepen and amplify the effectiveness of your work.

The following are two articles outlining some of the concepts and issues inherent in developing (and maintaining) and organization's vision and mission.  

Article 1: Was Someone Asking about Vision, Mission, and Values?
By Dan Gunderman
Originally posted on BigDuckNYC.com

Article 2: Vision and Mission
By Stephen G. Donshik
Originally posted on eJewishPhilanthropy.com

How would you compare the approaches of each article?  
What is your organization's vision, or mission?  What lessons were learned in developing and maintaining them?

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