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Listening to Our Jewish Stories

A reflection on the 2-Day Summer Institute by Rabbi Seth Adelson of Temple Israel of Great NeckI was so inspired by the sessions that we had with Ron Wolfson that I spoke about them on Shabbat morning.  Here is a link to my blog post.

After I told my own story as an introduction, I asked the ~150 congregants in attendance to partner up with people they did not know, and speak for 3 minutes each about their own Jewish stories. It seemed that most did so.

Also, for most of the service, I stood in the back of the sanctuary and greeted people as they came in. Many people were surprised, and many appreciated the personal welcome.

Rabbi Seth Adelson is the Associate Rabbi at Temple Israel of Great Neck. He blogs at http://themodernrabbi.blogspot.com.  Find out more about Temple Israel of Great Neck’s innovative work by viewing their congregational video here.

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