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New Book on the Practice of Noticing 

By Jessica DeGrado and Miriam Brosseau

Noticing is a central piece of the practice of the Coalition of Innovating Congregations. We build it in into our work, and use noticing tools and targets to help us improve our teaching and the experience of our learners.

Noticing has recently taken center stage in the general education world as well, with a new award-winning book by Miriam Sherin on noticing in mathematics.

In the foreword to the book Deborah Ball, dean of the School of Education at the University of Michigan, explains the importance of teacher noticing as a central practice of teaching that makes it learnable. She writes, “This book opens and unpacks this construct, tracing its foundations and scope and displaying insights garnered from studies of teacher noticing. It offers both language and frameworks for making more precise the study of teaching practice and the resources needed for its skillful enactment.”

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