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Relationships and Connections – A Tool for Your Community

by Pam Barkley, Temple Beth Abraham
I would like to share with the Coalition the Temple Beth Abraham “Relationships & Connections” worksheet . The first two pages are ideas for relationship building in three categories (student to student, teacher to student and teacher to parent).These ideas were generated at the summer LOMED conference and then the whole staff brainstormed additions at our opening staff meeting in September. Please note that the page numbers listed on the list of ideas refer to a notebook I gave them with things like a list if community builders, blank copies of sheets needed for a particular ice breaker, etc. (I can send all that to you if you need it.)

At the end of the document is a blank form. Once a month, each teacher fills out one thing they did in each category, in each class they teach. It has been a pretty powerful way of concretizing the relationship building activities. It doesn't assess how well they work, do they work etc – but it does assess if these actions are intentionally being done by teachers.  

Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions about it!

Relationships and Connections Worksheet
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