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Visualizing Jewish Education in 2020

For the past four years, we have been innovating the field of Congregational Learning. As the Congregational Learning team builds the future of our program, we encourage you to use the following activities and tools in your own congregations.


We have grown and accomplished many things as a Coalition of Innovating Congregations.

We have grown and accomplished many things as a Coalition of Innovating Congregations.

SI Coalition Graphic Future

But we still have more to achieve. Together, we are envisioning Jewish Learning for Real Life 2020.


Stay tuned for all the resources from Summer Institute 2013


In order to build the future, we have to stand on our accomplishments. The Coalition of Innovating Congregations has incorporated whole person learning to turn ideas into innovation. Here is an abbreviated list of what you’ve helped us accomplish: Accomplishments Handout for Summer Institute



The Coalition member congregations have worked to spark innovation within their congregation. They have accomplished putting Design Principles and models into place and developed 2nd-Tier Leadership structures. But achievement is not always easy to recognize. Here is protocol to help you develop headlines about how you have used innovation to help further your congregation’s education program. You can use this as a director to help streamline your message to your synagogue leadership or help your educational staff recognize the acheivements in their work: Headline Listening Protocol

Use this chart to help categorize your headlines: Headline Categories Worksheet


Envisioning The Future

Mystics use Tarot Cards to help recognize the forces that surround us. Although less mystical, educators recognize trends through different methods. This Tarot Card-style activity is a playful way to help your teachers and leaders envision the trends that will influence education in the coming days, months, and years: Directions Tarot Cards

The Tarot Card pictures will be posted shortly!



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