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Staking Claim: What I Learned From All This Jabber about the Pew study


We’re continuing to gather responses to the webinar discussing the educational implications of the Pew StudyEtta King, the Educational Program Director at Jewish Women’s Archive, wrote a thoughtful response that addresses the question of what now?

Here are some of Etta’s reactions:

Last Thursday I listened in on a panel discussion hosted by the Jewish Education Project about the implications of the recent Pew Study Jewish Education. Many of us (Jewish educators) had questions about how to improve, how to do our jobs better, and how to serve American Jews more fully…
…What if the end goals of Jewish education were not that every Jew knows how to recite the Sh’ma, celebrate Passover, love Israel, and remember the Holocaust, but instead our goals were that every Jew wants to be Jewish, wants to own that part of their identity, and wants live Jewishly in a way that feels personally meaningful? What if our goal was that Judaism would provide a lens through which we build relationships, make decisions, and take action within our communities?

You can read her entire post here.

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