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The Mother Ship is Launching


By Cyd Weissman

The work begins. For six months we’ve been working on The Jewish Education Project’s 2014-15 plans to support congregations and after school programs. I’ve documented the work of planning on this blog. Steps have included engaging funders, lay leaders, educators, clergy, parents and our own agency–we’ve called it listening to 500 Voices. Our Big and Ultimate work is to enable part time Jewish educational settings to create Jewish learning that moves to real life.

Our commitments to:
1) Build on success.
2) Push out the next frontier. Reality dictates we do our work with more limited resources. Here’s the Mother Ship (the plan for the year). Was it worth listening to 500 voices?

Goal 1) Expand & Deepen Educational Changes in the Coalition of Innovating Congregations:
• I*Express  – 21 Congregations (many new to the Coalition) will adapt & launch new models of part-time learning
• Peer Networks – 100 educators, teachers, clergy and lay leaders meeting in small groups throughout the year to “gain the wisdom in the room,” on innovation questions and needs
• Boot Camp  – Fall and Winter in person and online learning of Coalition resources and tools for new lay and or professional leaders in the Coalition
• In site-ful Journeys and Ambassadors – spring visits to pioneering places and with pioneering innovators who’ve created learning that impacts
• Private Consulting for sites who want to move at their own innovation pace and agenda can work with a Jewish Education Consultant privately

Goal 2) Document Success of Coalition to spread change in an Innovation Marketplace:
• Impact Now – Documents the stories 15 new models of Jewish part time education. The story includes written and video documentation of impact on the learner. We’ll test out how we can share that story in a Digital Innovation Marketplace
• Learner Outcomes – We’ll convene think tanks and tracking tools to help name and measure learner outcomes

Goal 3) Imagine new Jewish part time educational settings (non congregations):
• We’ll work with six communities across the country to hear the hopes and dreams of parents; build on children’s learning and interests to create new models of part time learning

We’re ready to launch. What do you think?


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