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Tikkun olam Creating Unexpected Impact


By Jessica Rothbart

How much does congregational education and Jewish Camp influence your life and the lives of others? One’s Jewish educational experience can foster life long relationships and spread tikkun olam world wide.

For this girl, learning to give away her old clothing gained her some very unexpected national recognition when one of her old Bat Mitzvah giveaways ended up in Sub-Saharan Africa 20 years 

toonieslater. Her story was featured on NPR  (listen to the story below) and getting interviewed for  JTA. Today, celebrating someone’s bat mitzvah has turned into a different mitzvah – charity to those in need! Congregational learning really produces mensches!


Gotta love those Bar / Bat Mitzvah shirts!

Gotta love those Bar / Bat Mitzvah shirts!


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