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A NEW BESTSELLER IS RELEASED: The Jewish Education Project’s The Coalition Handbook, Vol. II


By Rabbi Jennifer Goldsmith

Who loves the first LOMED and Express Innovation handbooks? Before you all say “I do,” too quickly I really think the question could be changed to…Who doesn’t love the first LOMED and EI handbook…I mean really…they were so very useful! Well, realizing that it had been a number of years since we brought you the most up-to-date information in one cohesive document, a group of consultants from the Congregational Learning department of The Jewish Education Project came together to create The Coalition Handbook, Vol. 2. This volume highlights the work we have done together over the last two years. Below are some of my favorite take-aways…

Each of us has spent many hours making whole person learning a reality in our synagogues. But how do we know if we are making a difference? How do we know if what we are teaching is staying with our students? How do we know if the relationships we are working so hard to build become lasting? On pages 134 and 135 we offer you a wonderful resource created by our Coalition Educators to help with assessment in the area of belonging. “What would I observe if Belonging were happening? I would see…” These check lists, meant for both teacher and learner can help make belonging something that stands out in our learning models.

assessing belonging

I know that there have been instances where it is a week before a Jewish holiday and I realize that I haven’t thought an upcoming family experience through at all…What do I want my families to leave knowing, doing, believing? What do I want the experience to accomplish? How does this learning experience fit into my year-long vision? With the resource found on page 149 in the new handbook that last minute conversation can be easily avoided. Creating a year-long calendar for the learning model during the summer can help one make thoughtful decisions on content, theme and purpose so the year flows in a way that makes sense for the teachers and the learners.


NETWORKS TO STRENGTHEN our Congregational System
When we think about networks, we often think about groups of people who come together with a common purpose from outside of our organization. Rarely do we think about creating networks within our organizations. On pages 170 and 171 we share with you a powerful story from Temple Israel Center of White Plains on how the Director of Congregational Learning, Nancy Parkes, created networks within her synagogue walls bringing together people from various age groups and constituencies all for to benefit the learning model. She adds, “the amazing powerful learning created as a result of planning together for families is a result of the collaboration of our educational leaders from across our system working together with common purpose, passion and mutual commitment to vision.”

View a copy of The Coalition Handbook, Vol. 2 here:

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