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Camp is a Place Where …

by Susan Ticker


A few days ago in the NY office of The Jewish Education Project, something special happened. In partnership with FJC (the Foundation for Jewish Camp),  20 leaders from the world of Jewish overnight camps met with 20 leaders from the synagogue world. Rabbis, educators, and lay leaders, youth directors and teachers, camp directors and development staff, rookies and veterans, explored ways to collaborate to create a seamless experience for children and families on their year-round journeys.

When they introduced themselves to one another, they shared what camp means to them. Here’s how they finished the sentence “Camp is a place where… ”

  • Campers can become their best selves
  • You can try out a new role for yourself
  • Staff and campers can be challenged
  • Magic happens
  • Friendships are fast and forever
  • Everyone there learns something about themselves 
  • We have experiences in concepts of Jewish living 
  • The ideal becomes real 
  • Children can feel comfortable in their own skin 
  • Building a Jewish life is actualized 
  • Everybody knows your name 
  • There is joy 
  • My son can'’t wait to get back to 
  • Campers learn both how to be independent and part of community 
  • You grow and learn new things 
  • Learning is living 
  • Lives are changed 
  • You can be a CIT (Counselor-in-training) and grow up to be a Jewish educator 
  • Time slows down and growth speeds up 
  • There is possibility and fun 
  • We can let love win 
  • A camper becomes a counselor and learns to become a father even when he doesn'’t know it
  • You have a home away from home

What does being at camp mean to you?  Please add your answer to “Camp is a place where…”

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