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I*Express, Year 1 is designed to propel congregations forward in their practice of engaging children and their families in meaningful Jewish learning. Congregations are provided with full access to the blueprints of a variety of new learning models, along with the process to generate change, online resources, consultation and peer group support. I*Express is designed for congregations who are interested in and have demonstrated a readiness to experiment—within a matter of months—with a high impact, non-classroom-only model of Jewish learning.

We know that there are excellent models of innovative Jewish education being implemented across the county. Throughout our time working with New York area congregations we have been able to identify 7 buckets that we believe innovative models are part of (click on each to review models):

Family Learning
Shabbat Centered
Service Learning
Distance Learning
Choice-Based Learning

We hope that all I*Express congregations become excellent adaptors this year. Each congregation will have a chance to look at the 16+ models posted here for inspiration both with their consultants as well as with their peer network. Click HERE for more I*Express Resources.

I*Express, Year 2 will give many of our congregations continued support as they do the hard work of moving their prototypes from Year 1 into a pilot and then beyond to a full learning model. With continued access to a process that generates change, online resources, monthly consultation and peer group support, Year 2 congregations will propel their innovative ideas forward as they explore and put in place elements of powerful learning models. Click HERE for more I*Express Resources.

For more information on I*Express, please contact Rabbi Jennifer Goldsmith at  jgoldsmith@jewishedproject.org or 914-328-8090

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  1. Toby Sanchez says:

    East Midwood Jewish Center would like to join your network and become involved with your programs.

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