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Living the Learning: A Reflection

by Lynn Lancaster, Forest Hills Jewish Center

Long day .  I had a High School family experience last night  that was amazing and a learning museum at the Voices of Liberty exhibit and then on the waterfront overlooking the statue of liberty. My day was filled with telling stories.  Living and learning was really good.  

It was so great to take Ron’s message from the summer and try it on for size.  I think that the day was very successful.  Listening to each others’ stories drove home the power of the experience.  I may not remember your name but I can tell you each person's story and match it to a face. I felt this power for myself.

I learned an enormous amount both from the day, and knowing the “ins and outs of what went into planning it.”  Judy, our lay leader host, opened her home to all of us. For me it was a win-win.


Marcy is inviting her daughters class for a Friday night Shabbat dinner in December and as an outcome of the conversation, she is openng up her home for a series of parent child cooking classes based around the holidays. She has an amazing kitchen, and as of this morning I have a “cooking savta” who we know is a talented cooking instructor. (She turned me down as a classroom savta, but this time I had the right ask.)  Visions of family stories surrounding food are dancing in my head. 

We have our first pj+ bookgroup at a schecter parents homes in two weeks.  I am thinking about what the connection might be.clearly it has to do with stories. 

For me it was also great having Jo at our event.  I think it helped my PLT feel more connected and it was a shared experience. 

Two eighth grade parents (they were involved with the H.S.) told me how powerful the experiential learning is.  Last week we were at the food pantry.

This week our students got to meet and talk to the doctor from Gaza who lost his daughters and now speaks out for peace. Fifth grade parents posted to facebook while we were on the battery.  Two parents who “could” not send their children e-mailed to find out when our next outside learning is.  

All very interesting.  The world is moving fast. I guess we need to learn to keep pace. 

It was wonderful to have the living and learning build in such a solid way from the summer.  Job well done!

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