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Make a Difference! Who will be Today’s Midwives?


By Susie Tessel

Everyone wants to make a difference!
But how?
But when?
What simple acts of kindness and compassion can we do?

A powerful story about someone who makes a difference took place in the dark days of the Holocaust – in the Netherlands, which was Nazi-occupied, on a Sunday morning, in a Calvinist Church. An unknown man suddenly appeared, riding up on his bicycle. He entered the church. He quickly but quietly ascended the stairs of the pulpit and read aloud the story of the midwives who had defied Pharaoh’s evil decrees and bravely saved the Hebrew male babies.

He paused, looked around the church, and asked,  “Who is today’s Pharaoh?” The congregation answered in unison,
“Who are today’s Hebrew babies?”
“The Jews.”
“Who will be today’s midwives?”

Without waiting for a response, the unidentified man pedaled away, presumably to pose that challenge to others. Between the war years, 1941-1945, seven families from this little church alone hid Jews and other resisters from the Nazis.

Both the Biblical midwives and the unknown bicyclist, serve as inspirational stories which embolden us to find a path to make a difference. It urges us to ask ourselves: “How can I make a difference today?” Obviously, it takes an extraordinary person  – who is both courageous and clear-sighted  – to willfully disobey an evil decree of Pharaoh or of the evil Nazi empire. Most people are not able to be that fearless. But that doesn’t mean we should abnegate our responsibility to our values, to our people, and to our religion.

So, Open your eyes  – and think hard.
Who will be today’s midwives?

Every person will come up with a different answer.  But know that every act you do can make a difference to someone as we continue in our roles as God’s helpers.

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