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Meet an Innovator: Suri Jacknis


Suri Jacknis is the Associate Director of the Department of Congregational Learning at The Jewish Education Project where she works to spark, support and spread innovation in congregational education. Her work includes consulting to innovating congregations, building and supporting networks that connect participants to learn from and with one another and serves as a mentor to educators working in 21st century models.

Her dedication to a career in Jewish education began as a teenager and includes serving as Director of Professional Learning and Director of the Jewish Education Resource Center for SAJES, central agency for Jewish Education on Long Island where she directed the Morasha Teacher Preparation Program.

I love being a cheerleader for innovation! I love being in relationships and conversations with people who are really striving to make a difference in people’s lives. I love that I get to challenge myself and learn new things every day. I love that I have the privilege of being a part of a rich Jewish tradition of spirituality, texts and learning AND also to plan for and work toward the Jewish Future! All in the company of amazing colleagues!

Suri is based out of Long Island and is a proud mother of three adult children and an avid Torah reader. She gardens, enjoys a good detective novel and enthusiastically cheers for the New York Yankees. You can contact Suri at sjacknis@jewishedproject.org

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