Prospective Parents

An important part of sustaining your innovative model is continuing to recruit new families for the model. In some congregations, the model is entirely optional. These congregations will indeed need to “sell” their models to parents. In other congregations, the model is for everyone within a certain age range. We caution you however, that you will still need to engage parents in the process of transitioning into the model. Even if parents are required to send their children, they may not be convinced of the value. The tools below will help you communicate with parents about why the model is valuable for their families.

  • Timeline

    Make a Timeline

    Plan out the best times to be in communication with your parents. We suggest you begin communicating with prospective parents in the summer and fall so that they will be inspired to join the model and will know what to expect. Enrolled families will likely need an orientation of some kind in the fall. Think about other important moments during the year when families will need support. When does recruiting take place? When do families make plans for their children? What other events do you have scheduled with parents on site?

  • Website

    Tweak Your Website

    Update your website to explain what your model is all about and why it matters. Use the Website Template to help you with language for your site. Be sure to include instructions for those interested in learning more. Embedding or linking to the Coalition Video will give a concise and engaging explanation of the Coalition to your audience.

  • Communication

    Community-Wide Communication

    Use the Communication Template to write a bulletin article, handout, bimah announcement, or other community-wide communication so that all members — including prospective parents — become more familiar with your model. You may also want to refer to the Speak to the Head: Use Data handout and the Chart Template.

  • Presentation

    Make a Presentation

    Use the PowerPoint Template to make a presentation to a group of prospective parents and show the value of the model for their families. You may want to use the Hopes and Dreams Texts with parents to guide a conversation about their hopes and dreams for their own children.

  • Empowerment

    Empower Current Parents

    Parents that are currently participating in the model are one of your best marketers available. No one is more able to tell the true impact of powerful learning and new models better than those that have been through it themselves. There are many ways to help parents become ambassadors. Here are a few ideas:

    • Ask children and/or parents to write or draw what has been most meaningful to them about the learning. Present these reflections on a webpage, blog, booklet, or other media to convey to your board how much this learning matters to its participants.
    • Bring the learning to the congregation. If it makes sense with your model, invite the whole congregation to participate, or move a learning session to a regular congregational meeting time (such as Shabbat). Let everyone get a taste of what the learning is all about. Be sure to encourage board members to attend when you are preparing for the session.
    • Put examples of student work around the congregation and on your website.
    • Ask parents to become official ambassadors and hold parlor meetings and/or respond to inquiries by prospective parents. Use the Community Conversations meeting outline and the Hopes and Dreams Texts to guide conversations with parents. Parents that are currently in the model or have “graduated” can be available to incoming parents with questions, concerns, or generally orienting them to the model.