The Synagogue Board

Communicating with your lay leadership is an ongoing, all-year-long process. To guide you in planning on how to most effectively share your message with your board, we are providing the suggested timeline below for the next year. We also know that every congregation works differently and this timeline may not fit your congregation’s schedule. You can use any of these tools at any time.

  • Summer


    Update your website to explain what your model is all about and why it matters. Use the Website Template to help you with language for your site. Use the new Coalition Logo to proudly show your board and community that you are a member of the Coalition of Innovating Congregations. Embedding or linking to the Coalition Video will give a concise and engaging explanation of the Coalition to your audience.

  • September – October

    September – October

    Use the Communication Template to share your success with your community. You may also want to refer to the Speak to the Head: Use Data handout and the Chart Template.

  • November – December

    November – December

    This is a great time to help you board see your model in action. We suggest you do one or more of the following to help them become more familiar with your model:

    • Invite them to sign up for a powerful learning experience to visit. In this scenario, the director or other educator should be available to act as the “guide” for the board members, orienting them to what they are seeing, pointing out what is especially important, and being available for questions.
    • Create a campaign from your learners. Ask children and/or parents to write or draw what has been most meaningful to them about the learning. Present these reflections on a webpage, blog, booklet, or other media to convey to your board how much this learning matters to its participants.
    • Bring the learning to the congregation. If it makes sense with your model, invite the whole congregation to participate, or move a learning session to a regular congregational meeting time (such as Shabbat). Let everyone get a taste of what the learning is all about. Be sure to encourage board members to attend when you are preparing for the session.
    • Put examples of student work around the congregation and on your website.

  • January


    This is usually the time of the year synagogue boards are making budgetary decisions. Use the PowerPoint Template to help you board understand the impact of your model. The template offers room for emotional and rational (data) explanations.