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My Virtual Journey into Online Learning: Week 2

May 15, 2015

“The growing access to knowledge, information, people, and tools that our students are getting demands a shift in how we think about the work they do in school” – Will Richardson – The Steep Unlearning Curve

It’s been fun – and challenging – learning online how to use online technology to look at ways learners can demonstrate what they have learned. Here are a few highlights from Week 2:


Online Buddy

I have “met” about 8 educators who are participating in the course. Each of us has uploaded a photo and a brief description of ourselves.

I chose an online buddy, and, as directed, asked a question about something the buddy posted that interested me. I had seen that she lived in NJ for a while. Being a NJ native, I asked her about that. Turns out we have taught in the same school. A nice, personal connection J.


My take-away from this experience:

When doing an online class, be sure each person has an online buddy.

Always model what you want the learners to do. Our facilitator, Smadar, had asked each of us a question based on what we wrote in our introduction. Then she asked us each to write to someone in the same way.


Creating a Virtual Bulletin Board and a Social Poster

As part of the class, we each put stickies on a virtual bulletin board, indicating our favorite places to travel. Similarly, using a social poster we voted on which type of learning students should be exposed to: Face-to-face; Synchronous; “Collaborative” Asynchronous; or Self-paced Asynchronous. We then explored how to create a virtual bulletin board and a social poster. Part of our assignment this week was to create a bulletin board and/or a social poster. You can see my first attempts at a bulletin board at http://linoit.com/users/erank/canvases/Peer%20Consultancy%20Groups and at a social poster at http://checkthis.com/9iib.


My take-away from this experience:

Again, it is essential to model how to use and how to create a tool.

On a practical level, I learned how to make a bulletin board using linoit.com and how to make a social poster on checkthis.com. I think they will be two very useful tools. I have already shared the information about linoit.com with a congregation as another way of getting teen input.


I’m thrilled with how much I have learned in just two short weeks and am excited to keep learning as I enter Week 3.

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