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Non-Profit Narishkeit: The Life and Times of an Intern in the Non-Profit Jewish World

Week 8: The Last One

By Jonny Gottlieb

To my loyal followers, random Russians forced by Spam to read this and all others who fall somewhere in between. I want to thank you for sticking with me through this roller coaster ride of a summer. There were posters, spreadsheets and free eggplant wraps at every twist and turn.

It is hard to reflect on something so close to its ending, and especially in a public forum that’s mostly filled with office-supplies-jokes and sarcasm, so I’ll keep it short. Not to mention I had no quotes readily available for poaching and/or inspiration. This summer I was able to get hands on experience in a field that I very well might be trying to be a part of in year’s time. I was given responsibility unlike ever before while learning practical skills and a lot about myself. I built relationships with co-workers that I know will be beneficial both professionally and personally. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have been given and cannot wait to see where they lead me.

The Mugs for Summer Institute!

The Mugs for Summer Institute!

But so now I’ll stop rambling and give the people what they want… an awkward mug selfie.

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