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Noticing is No Joke!

by Susie Tessel, Congregational Consultant

In our fast-paced world in which we live, we are all so intent on getting things done, and answering e-mails, texts and tweets that we often either ignore our surroundings, or fail to notice the people by whom we are surrounded.  

As educators, we can (and should) learn from both the big and the small. In her book, Alone Together, Shari Turkel, Professor at the Sloane School at MIT, details the effects of social media, our tuned-in lives (during which we're meant to make ourselves available 24/7), and the potentially detrimental effects it has on our social interactions. What happens when you have 500 friends, but no one to whom you can really talk? 

With this in mind, what are the implications of noticing, responding and recording for our work?  

Below is a selection of cartoons loosely chosen to convey different ideas about noticing.   

Which was your favorite cartoon?  Which cartoon resonated most with you?

Cartoons for Noticing (PDF)
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