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One Educator’s Response…


By Tamara Gropper

Yesterday morning, I began my day by reading Nancy Parkes’s piece, One Educator’s Response…On the Findings of the Pew Report and the Jewish Future. I have had the honor of being one of those working with Nancy as her Jewish Education Project consultant through her many years of innovation at Temple Israel Center of White Plains. Nancy succeeds in changing the conversation about Jewish learning within her congregation and without. She seeks out and accepts opportunities to get out the message about what’s possible in supplementary Jewish education when the right resources are allocated to it. In naming key supports needed to create successful, sustainable innovation – collaboration, consulting, mentoring, more educators in the field, and real partnership between clergy, lay leadership and educators – she once again raises her voice for the rest of us. What do you hear in her words? Which of these key supports would make the difference for you?

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