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Post-Storm Circle Time at Kolot Chayeinu

by Ora Wise, Kolot Chayeinu

This post was originally published in the Kitah Daled blog from Kolot Chayeinu. It is a fitting follow-up to another recently published post, Study Materials for Healing After the Hurricane. We hope these texts and your community continue to bring comfort and strength to you as we recover from the storm.

Hello Kitah Daled & Hay Families,

We are all trying to balance self, family, work, and home with the tremendous need for support and supplies throughout our beloved city.  It is always disturbingly true that the daily lives of people in this city differ dramatically in terms of access to comfortable and healthy housing, transportation, food, education, and recreation. During disasters like this, these differences in our daily realities become even more stark.

I know some of our families are feeling the painful impact of this storm in different ways and some of us are personally less effected. However, we are all so connected and the damage and despair are palpable all around us.

This week during Circle Time, I led the Daled and Hay students in a series of activities facilitating reflection on our experiences of the storm, the connections (or disconnections) with the biblical story of Noah and the flood, and discussion of society’s response to such disaster and ideas for where to go from here.

Here is the program I facilitated and the materials needed for it in case you have the desire to share this with other Jewish educators or use it at home!

Onward, Ora






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