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Powerful Planning


By Ellen Rank

How do you go about planning and structuring a meeting? How do you design and then share the agenda? What are the components of a meeting that support innovative thinking and experimentation?
If you search online for “planning meeting agenda,” you will find hundreds of thousands of entries on how to plan and structure a meeting. The Coalition of Innovating Congregations, however, uses and believes in the power of a specific meeting structure. To plan an effective meeting, you must, to quote Steven Covey, “Begin with the end in mind.” That is, you start with your goal. Your agenda must include opportunities for relationship/team building, learning, discussion, reflection, and planning for the future that are all in alignment with or in service of your goal.

Planning a meeting that engages all participants is just one of the leadership tools that will be shared at Coalition Leadership Boot Camp, August 26th at The Jewish Education Project. Check out this great opportunity to learn about tools and resources for designing innovative and powerful learning experiences.




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