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The Five Essential Conversations
Setting the Table for Israel Learning 2014 – 2015

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Powerful Learning Tools

How do you identify it and foster Powerful Learning?
The Coalition of Innovating Congregations created powerful learning based on four design principles that are grounded in the work of Jon Woocher and John Dewey.

The tools below will help you and your team:

  • Have a shared language for creating powerful learning
  • Observe powerful learning in action and develop practice
  • Engage lay leaders in understanding and supporting the work of powerful learning


Download pdf previews of the Powerful Learning Tool or the Condensed Version, or Request the Powerful Learning Tool Excel Files For Your Use.


Read more about Powerful Learning by clicking on the documents below:


Engaging Leaders with Powerful Learning  Click to View


Improving the Practice of Powerful Learning   Click to View






The Wisdom in the Room Card Game – Yachdav Gathering 2014


Planning Your Next Innovation Move: Resources available for 2014-2015 


Click HERE to complete the application online or view the applications below:

Coalition Incubator Application 2014-2015 (NYC-Metro Only)

Application for Individualized Consulting 2014-2015

I*Express Application 2014-2015        I*Express Roadmap

Coalition Start-Up Application 2014-2015 (NYC-Metro Only)

Peer Consultancy Application 2014-2015

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Full recorded Webinar (a download may be required):



 Report of Findings

Spreading and Sustaining Innovating in Congregational Education: Accomplishments and Lessons Learned

Cover of Spreading & Sustaining Innovation in Congregational Education

Coalition Handbook Vol II

handbook image

Coalition Handbook Vol 2


Volume II of the Handbook shares the collective
knowledge that has been gained in the last two years.

The Powerful Learning: Five Must Do’s Webinar

The ROSOV Report: Alternative Models are Worth It. 


Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 4.11.15 PMThis webinar was presented to help your congregation understand Power Learning and the steps to make it happen.

Rosov ImageThis report created over a five year span indicates proof that Alternative Models enable learners to experience 21st century learning more  than traditional Hebrew Schools.

The Congregational Benchmarking Report

The LOMED Handbook

benchmarkthumb.pngThis report was designed to help your congregation use data to advance innovative Jewish education that makes a positive difference in the lives of learners in the 21st century. lomedthumbThe materials in this handbook are designed to help leaders in congregations create powerful Jewish learning experiences. LOMED for a life well lived.

The High Five Video

The Jewish Education Project is proud to present the trailer to the groundbreaking new film, The High Five: Jewish Learning that Nurtures the Whole Person. The High Five is a story of innovation and success. It shows Jewish education that matters for 21st century learners. video-thumb-2


“I am Planting”
by Stereo Sinai
Written for
Yachdav 2011
(plus accompanying text study)Download “I Am Planting”
“If You Go, I’ll Go”
by Stereo Sinai
Written for the 2011 Summer Institute
(plus accompanying text study)Download “If You Go, I’ll Go”
dociconI Am Planting Text Study – Pictures
Download File
dociconI Am Planting Text Study
Download File
dociconIf You Go, I’ll Go Text Study – lyrics
Download File
dociconIf You Go, I’ll Go Text Study pt. 2
Download File

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