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I*Express Resources


I*Express Roadmap, Year 1 & I*Express, Year 1: What’s it All About?

These two documents illustrate the trajectory of the I*Express, Year 1 initiative and explain the rationale and components of I*Express that lay the foundation to help us bring positive innovation to our synagogues.


Appreciative Inquiry Protocol
As we make changes and innovate, we build on our successes. This protocol quickly helps you identity your congregation’s values and moments of success. From there, you can identify a priority goal that will guide you on your journey to implement a new model of innovative Jewish education.


Model Elements Chart & Model Elements Priority Sheet
When selecting a new model you can’t just randomly take one off the shelf. You need to start with a priority goal/vision (see Appreciative Inquiry Protocol) and from there you can narrow down what models might fit your congregation. These tools coupled with the model descriptions found on the I*Express page can help you and your team make an informed decision.


Sample Script for a Connecting ConversationHopes and Dreams Texts
These two resources guide you in facilitating a small group conversation about parents’ hopes for their children. These conversations allow you to begin to analyze and tap into the relational ties and deep hopes that exist among your families as a way to accelerate the changes you envision.


Booster Communication Check List & Communicating your Choice of Model
Not sure how and when to communicate to your synagogue about the innovative work you and your team are doing? These two resources can help you plan the who, when, where and how when it comes to communicating your journey towards piloting an innovation model of Jewish education.


Implementing Reflection

As you begin to run your pilot learning experiences don’t forget to gather reflections from both the participants as well as the faculty. This Implementing Reflection document can help you begin to think about what that can look like.


Team Building Resource
As you begin to pilot your learning experiences, it is time to consider strengthening and expanding your team. In this resource you will find team building activities as well as tools to help you answer the following questions: What skills or strengths you have? What skills or strengths your team already has? What work you need to accomplish in the months ahead? What strengths do you need to add to the team?

I Express Using Data to Further your Work

As you work to build ownership and support for your new model, you want the board, parents, learners, and clergy to be excited about the change. With this in mind, data can and should be used to demonstrate the impact of your pilot. This resource will help you share your key data with key decision makers by helping you answer three questions: What is the data you have on your desk? Why have you been collecting this data? What do you do with this data now that you have it?

I*Express Planning Documents

Here are a number of valuable resources to use as you plan your pilot learning experiences. Not sure about next steps for your Hopes and Dreams participants? Then look at the Hopes and Dreams Follow Up document. Thinking about how to create social connectors and buy-in? Then read up on both in the Developing Social Networks and use the Sample Mid-Year Letter to communicate with the congregation. And don’t forget to create learner outcomes for your pilot learning experiences. The Developing Learner Outcomes for Pilots document will walk you through this process and the Pilot Design Template will help keep you organized!

I*Express, Year 2 Resources

Starting the Year off Right

These documents will help you begin I*Express Year 2. The I*Express Road Map Year 2 will share with you the trajectory of the work this year. The Sharing our Story document can help you onboard new team members by helping you describe your I*Express Year 1 journey. And don’t forget to go back to our resources from the Express-a-Thon last June. Here you will find highlights for Social Connector Conversation for 2015-2015. These documents (Prototype to Pilot to Model Chart and A Resource for Moving from Prototype to Pilot to Model) will help you think about where you are on the spectrum from developing a prototype to pilot to model as well as good questions you can ask as you continue to develop your learning experiences. This resource (Communicating About Your Model 2015-2016) can help you plan the who, when, where and how when it comes to communicating your journey towards piloting an innovation model of Jewish education. This resource (Engagement Transparency in Communication) is designed to engage leadership in a deeper conversation about communication within your congregation.



Click HERE to learn more about the I*Express initiative and I*Express models.

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