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The Congregational Benchmarking Report

This report was designed to help your congregation use data to advance innovative Jewish education that makes a positive difference in the lives of learners in the 21st century. Learning that makes a positive difference in learners’ lives requires new models of learning. Launching new learning models requires particular capabilities on the part of congregations: Vision for Jewish education,Collaborative Leadership, a Culture of Experimentation, Professional Development, Communicating Success, and Committing Resources to Learning. This report explains each of these capabilities and provides information about where New York congregations stand in relationship to those capabilities. Our hope is that this report will stimulate conversation and action among professional and lay leadership in the months ahead and will lead to furthering quality educational experiences.

The full report is available here. Comments and thoughts can be added below. After reading it, take a moment to hear about other congregations’ stories and share your own on the blog and through the Roundtable.

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