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Shana Tova from the Jewish Education Project

by Robert Sherman, CEO of the Jewish Education Project

Many of us are gearing up for the onset of the holiday season that begins tonight with Rosh Hashana and runs breathlessly, some might say relentlessly, through Sukkot and Shemini Atzeret.  I don’t know about you but I get the same queasy feeling about now that I experience on the day before going on a long trip.  It must be hardwired.  I feel both hyper alert and a bit distracted.  Our bodies know when something momentous is about to happen regardless of whether our minds have yet begun to fully process it in a rational way.

I’ve become focused on the line in our liturgy in which we read that the “great Shofar is blasted and a whispered (soft, barely discernible) voice is heard.” On Rosh Hashanah we simultaneously strip away the illusions we cling to most tenaciously about our own capacity for knowing and controlling things which we cannot know and control at the very same moment that we create space for a renewed sense of hope that we will have the strength of heart and clarity of mind needed to become more compassionate, more honest with ourselves and with others, and more committed to pursuing justice in a very complex world.

We have been blessed with the opportunity to work together to expand the reach and deepen the impact of Jewish learning for children, teens and families across our very diverse community.  It is our mission and at the heart of the mission of the Jewish people.  We know we can never fully complete this task (it is, after all, the task of every generation) even as we reignite our passion to aspire toward achieving our most ambitious visions.

I wish everyone a very happy, healthy and sweet New Year.

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