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The Desert Walkers

by Cyd Weissman


On the top ten list of greatest pleasures: the creative process. 

A spark from you, a dash from me, and then a totally new possibility from him gives way to the never before tried, seen or heard. Result: Innovation. 

The photo featured on the banner of InnovatingCongregations.org–taken from a hill in the Negev of five international students from Ben Gurion University– represents that creative process of a team.

The photo says to me: When diverse individuals bring their gifts, trust one another, and focus together on a challenge, then nothing is impossible. 

The footprints behind them say we’ve come this far.

The untouched sand ahead says: Bring it on, together we’ll figure it out.

Isn't this the work of Coalition of Innovating Congregations? And isn't it the joy, to walk with others into the unknown, and leave our mark? 

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