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TIME TO SHARE PROTOCOLS: Young Children for Noticing the Jewish Journey


Possible Protocol for Young Children for Noticing the Jewish Journey

In working with children in these age ranges, you could empower them both to celebrate their achievements and get excited about learning new things by asking questions around KDBB. (developed in consultation with Suri Jacknis and Ellen Rank)

***For K-2:

Know:  Can you name a new Hebrew song or prayer that you learned this year?

How did you feel when you knew you learned it?  What did you do to celebrate that you learned it?  What are you working on now?

Do:  What is something new that you can do now that you didn’t know how to do last year…like singing the blessings over the Hanukkah candles, singing Eliyahu Hanavi and participating in Havdala with our families, singing the four questions at our family Seder?

How did you feel when you were able to do this?  What did you do to celebrate your accomplishment?  What are you working on now?

Believe: Complete:  Some things that are important for Jews to do are….

Belong:  How many of your classmates (in our congregation) do you know by name?  How many classmates (in our congregation) do you like to work/play with?


***For older children, grades 3-6

Know:  What do you know about Judaism that you didn’t know 2 years ago?

Do:  What can you do now in your Jewish life that you may not have been able to do 2 years ago? (e.g., Can you sing the Shema/lead certain other prayers?  Can you read Hebrew?  Do you know the Hebrew letters? Do you celebrate Jewish holidays in a different way than you did a few years ago?  What has changed for you about Shabbat and holiday celebrations as you grow up? (e.g., Do you know how to recite more prayers?  Do you know that meaning for more prayers?  Do you do more of the rituals like lighting candles and saying Kiddush at home or at synagogue?  Do you celebrate Shabbat and/or holidays at synagogue or with friends or family at home?)

Believe:  What do you feel are some things that it is important for Jews to know? To do? To Believe or Value?

Belong:  What are some Jewish things that you enjoy doing with your peer group at the congregation?  With the larger congregational community?


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