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Walking Through a Mezzuzah


By Rabbi Michael Mellen

Text tells us to: “Write these words upon the doorposts of your house.” The words, not just a scroll confined to a small box upon a doorpost, but words scrolling over doorposts, visible as you walk through from room to room or from inside to outside.

Walking Through a Mezzuzah

Imagine the words of the mezuzah scroll,
lovingly written on the doorposts of your house.
Words visible, scrolling like vines over the entryways into each room,
words like trees come to life, creating a pathway, brief as it may be,
through holy words as you move from room to room,
from inside your home, your space,
into the rumble of the world
and back again,
words reminding
and welcoming.

interwoven with the words of the mezuzah,
sit those teachings,
those texts and memories and loves and power
that carry you in life, that remind you
of who you are
of what you hope to be in the world…
tattoos of powerful, necessary memory.

Imagine walking through your values,
your dreams,
and the fire of v’ahavta,
of loving the spirit of the world,
of all your strength and might, walking through the quiet of LISTEN,
Shema, your ears attuned to God’s love and whispering, God’s spirit
mirchefet al p’nai tahom, hovering over the depths,
waiting patiently for your voice to find its way in the world,
to find it’s way in your home,
your voice in relationship with God, with work, with the mundane of life
and the holy.

Your voice calling out in silence,
in great gasps,
in even breaths of sorrow or joy,
of snow or sand or peeling thunder,
giving way to the rush of the presence,
of wings sheltering you, and me,
under the pathways of words twined together,
the words of generations and my words, your words,
our words on the doorposts,
speaking of days past
and to come
and today.


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