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Whole Person Learning – NewCAJE Follow-Up

by Abby Pitkowsky

These are handouts from a workshop on Whole Person Learning delivered by Lomed consultants at the recent New CAJE 3 conference.  The workshop was geared toward those who provide professional learning for their teaching staff. The method presented, Whole Person Learning, is based on Understanding by Design by Wiggins and McTighe.  To design Professional Learning that will empower and motivate staff to teach toward the goals of our school, we begin by asking: 

What does our staff need to Know, Do and Believe and how do we build a sense of Belonging among our staff?   
This method takes into account that to really make a difference in how your teachers teach toward the goals of your school, you need to attend to what your staff knows, what they do, what they believe, and how connected they feel to your community. 
How might you use these materials in your community?
What do your colleagues need to know, do, or believe in order to build a sense of belonging? Share your examples in the comments

KDBB Samples
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Learner Outcomes
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Text Study with Questions
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Whole Person Levi Image
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